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There is something very unusual about seeing your high school friend getting married. Like, wow, look at how far we have come in so little time..! I have known him since he was an acne-faced pre-teen in grade 6, and now he is a proud young man married to the woman he has loved for eight years. I think we officially are adults now.

My god, that was such a fun evening.. I cannot remember the last time I danced.

Robbie Williams - Beyond the Sea


Apologies for the terrible image quality - I’m lacking scanner access at the minute so I had to take these photos on my phone

I was reading hyperbole and a half’s blog entry explaining their experience of depression and decided to make another sketchy comic based on my experiences with anxiety, which is another mental illness I think people tend to misunderstand quite frequently

Hopefully this will be of use to some people - whether they suffer from anxiety themselves or if they just want to know more about it


Relationship Issues

Created by AnythingComic

You know people when you do find somebody 
Hold that woman, hold that man 
Love him, please him, squeeze her, please her, hold her 
Squeeze and please that person, give ‘em all your love 
Signify your feelings with every gentle caress
Because it’s so important to have that special somebody 
To hold, kiss, miss, squeeze and please
Everybody needs somebody


Well… She’s on the plane.
Safe travels, love..

Well… She’s on the plane.

Safe travels, love..

Pyro in Love


That is love.

My feels…

About Titanic (and why it makes this dude cry)

Yeah, alright, I admitted it.

Just let me be a frenchman and romantic for a while, alright?

A hundred years ago, the Titanic sank; one of the worst maritime tragedy in history. Now, the story itself is already sad to think about, but it’s nothing special if you just have the story and the numbers in mind.

And then you have some prick named James Cameron who decides to put a love story in the middle of it, and center a movie around that.

Damn him.

I didn’t use to care about that film, like many kids my age when it came out. Then I grew up, and eventually I fell in love with a girl I had an extremely unlikely chance to ever meet. A stroke of luck. She was in California, and I was from Quebec.

It was even more unlikely that we ever had a chance to meet in person. But when we did, against all odds, it was like we had known each other forever (which technically, as corny as it sounds, is true, considering we had two years to know each other).

The relationship has had its trials over the years, and tough shit happened, but every time we somehow pulled through. And somehow, every time we had the chance to be together again, for even just a week, it turned out to be a blurry time of laughing, drinking, smoking, dancing, music, colors, and wonders, and time really stopped mattering. And these handful of days somehow made it up for all the hardships we had to deal with during the other’s absence.

And then comes the day one of us has to go to the airport, and go back “home”.

So… James Cameron’s Titanic, in all this?

Well, there is a particular scene in which Rose is lowered into the sea in one of the escape boats, and she looks up to Jack, who has to stay behind. Both are powerless about their situations.

If you’ve had to walk away from your loved one through a security checkpoint at the airport, or had to watch him or her walk away; if you had to be just on the other side of a window wall, and put your hand over theirs on the glass, and for a moment start to doubt you’ll ever see them again…

Well, let’s just say I can sympathize with Jack and Rose on a whole other level than what I imagine is usual.

I have had to live through this moment for maybe three, four times a year, for the past five years. Every time, it feels like leaving a piece of my soul is torn and left behind.

Back in the movie, now comes the moment that makes me lose it. Rose eventually jumps over the railing, through the guards and passengers trying to hold her back, and she runs back up to Jack. Because it just didn’t matter, so long as they were together.

It’s the exact same thing I have (and I’m sure she has) wanted to do, every time, but couldn’t possibly do. Because this is real life, and not a movie.

I’m dying for the moment when I can go “fuck it”, and tear up my passport, and just jump back over the lines and not have to go through them ever again.

…Having to leave a piece of my heart behind so many times a year is a backward blessing, because it also means I get to see her run up towards me, at the train station or at the airport, just as many times. And then I get to feel her throw her arms around my neck, and I squeeze her back just as desperately happily, because we made another fairy tale happen, and we get to have a couple of blurry days together where nothing else matters.

Because, let’s be honest, it is a fairy tale. Or one of those myths of old, where lovers had to part for long periods at a time.

And as much as I hate the goodbyes, the “you’re back..!“‘s always make up for it.


Je t’aime, ma belle. Tu sais qui tu es, et tu me manques. <3

(And all of that thought process goes through my head every time I watch that movie. Goddammit, Cameron.)

You know who you are.

You know who you are.